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Welcome to the Cheshire Collaborative Family Law Group

All members of the Cheshire Collaborative Family Law Group are specialist family lawyers. We are all trained by Resolution as Collaborative Lawyers. Many of us are specialist accredited members of Resolution and advanced members of the Law Society Panel.

quotation mark start  Divorce can take an immense toll on all parties. Time, emotions and financial resources are often sacrificed... Collaborative Family Law is a new way to resolve divorce and family disputes with dignity and respect quotation mark end

Collaborative Family Law allows family lawyers to manage the divorce process in a dignified manner for all concerned. In this collaborative process, the family lawyers and their clients agree, in writing, to reach settlement without court involvement. They agree to work together to resolve any family and financial issues arising out of the separation.

Collaborative law is not just for separating couples - it can be used in the event of disputes about children and cohabitation.

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